The ACE Referral Process

The ACE Referral process is an online portal that can be accessed below. 

As part of the security measures, only nominated school staff are able to begin a referral. If you are unsure if your name has been added, or you wish to review and amend registered staff for your school, then please contact [email protected]

Through the online referral, you can request any of the ACE services provided in our Menu, which can be accessed below.

Referrals can be started, saved and returned to at any time. Once complete and verified, the referral will be added to the agenda of the next HAM meeting.

ACE is not currently accepting new referrals from schools.  This is in order to preserve remaining capacity for PEX and Admission route students.  We will update schools once we are able to resume school based referrals. 

Hub Allocation Meeting (HAM)

The HAM panel meets weekly to discuss all referrals received and will base its considerations around:

  • Is the referral fully complete and supported by parents?
  • What level of use does the referring school currently have across the ACE Pathways?
  • What capacity does the requested service currently have?
  • Are their any issues with existing cohorts that need to be taken into account
  • Are all schools receiving a fair use of ACE services?

Panel outcomes are emailed to the referrer normally within 24 hours


PACE is a three-week program (Mon – Thursday) that serves as a starting point for students referred to ACE. The main purpose of PACE is to:

  • Provide a smaller scale, small setting start for students new to ACE
  • To allow for baseline assessments of academic, social and wellbeing to take place
  • To assess students’ suitability and engagement for their requested program
  • To establish positive relationships with the student and their parents / carers
  • To prepare students for their transition to ACE and involve them in the construction of their individual timetable.

ACE Pathways and Registration

After a successful PACE induction, students will move to ACE and move onto one of two identified pathways:

Route Mainstream: Students are dual registered with their school and ACE is seeking to support an existing school placement or prepare the student for eventual transition back into a mainstream school.

A students curriculum package is discussed with the school to ensure a cohesive timetable that supports the students’ academic studies and aspirations. The focus within ACE will be on social, wellbeing and behaviour strategies that will equip the student for a successful and sustained return to mainstream education.

Route 19: often single centre registered with ACE, often following a PEX, where we are working to ensure the student completes a suite of relevant and appropriate qualifications and then can make a successful and sustained transition into a post 16 destination.

Often students will access some Alternative Provision, commissioned via ACE to provide either a specific holistic or vocational input into their core curriculum, in support of identified needs, interests and aspirations. These students also access the ACE Careers Guidance program, especially within KS4 to support them identifying, applying and successfully moving to a post 16 provision.

ACE Use of Alternative Provision

ACE works closely with the list of authority approved alternative provisions and via our ACE link team will commission places, monitor and track student attendance, engagement and outcomes and work with the provisions to further develop and enhance their respective curriculum and enrichment offers.

The use of APS’s is core component of the overall ACE Curriculum offers and allows for a greater breadth of subjects and additional holistic, wellbeing and / or vocational interest areas to be offered to ACE students.