Since the introduction of the Pupil Premium, ACE has been developing its strategies for how this targeted money can be best spent to improve the educational chances and opportunities of those entitled students. This spend is evaluated and reported on annually to our Management Committee and other interested stakeholders, including schools, the Local Authority and Central Government

The Centre aims to provide a balanced, relevant and targeted educational package for all our students and so how the money is used does vary between individuals according to their individual needs, interest and curriculum packages but examples of its use would be to:

  • Help finance individually arranged vocational packages and training opportunities to help meet a student’s specific career ambitions and interests.
  • Help organise work placements in order to give a student an insight into a possible career area that they have shown interest in.
  • Finance participation on college / training provider taster sessions in order to raise a student’s aspirations and knowledge of what possible pathways are open to them. This can include transport, accompanying staff and out of hours working.
  • Pay for professional colleagues to undertake specific assessments and / or interventions to either better prepare the student for being ready to learn, or to better equip staff in being able to meet a student’s educational / behavioural / social needs: this is arranged with students / parents knowledge and consent.
  • Provide specific equipment that a student might require to aid their education and give them an equal chance of success; including ICT and specialist software.
  • Provide enrichment activities to help boost an individual’s self-esteem and self-confidence in order to promote self-worth, resilience and a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Fund, where appropriate extra provision outside of usual Centre hours and / or during holidays in order to assist with safeguarding and welfare concerns.
  • Meet any other specific need that has been identified and is acting as barrier to ongoing success, personal development and / or successful onward transition.

To review the full ACE Pupil Premium Strategy, please click on the link below: