Admissions to ACE

Students access ACE through referrals from Local schools and Local Authority Services to a weekly panel. Parents cannot apply for a place at ACE either directly or via School Admissions. Parents who feel that their child may benefit from some time at ACE, need to discuss this with their child’s school and ask the school to make a referral to ACE.

Accepted Referrals

Accepted referrals are initially dealt with through PACE, a part time induction and assessment Centre that helps us identify the most relevant pathway for each student.

Students then move on to spend the majority of their time at ACE with their remainder of time either back in school or at a vocationally targeted alternative provision. Students work towards a range of appropriate and relevant qualifications, including GCSE’s and focus on academic, life and work skills.

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The aim for all students is to maximise their opportunities for engagement, progress and successful transition onto the next stage of their learning. For Route Mainstream students this is usually a return to mainstream education and for Route 19 students, onward post year 11 transition to a local college, employer or training provider.

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