Researchers find that tests and exams can boost learning (Scientific American 2015)

Year 11 is a crucial year. At ACE we are committed to supporting our students as they prepare for the GCSE exams.  To get the most out of their studies and receive the grades that will prepare them for college, it is vital that Year 11 students use the next six months wisely.  This includes, regular school and lesson attendance, engagement in lessons, completion of work to the highest ability and asking for support.  

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Over the next 6 months students will complete a number of exams and tests. Students must attend for all exams inorder to assess levels of working and ensure readiness for the main GCSE exams.

Mock Exams are an important tool for practice and finding out what areas of study a students is confident in and the areas that need attention and improvement.
Functionals Skills exams provide additional qualifications which support further studies at college and applications for apprenticeship programs. Please see Functionals Skills Information Sheet.

90% attendance means one in ten day is missed; over the course of a school year this is the equivalent of four weeks and can be worth more than a grade!

Autumn Term

6-10 November 2023 – Year 11 Mock Exams

20-25 November 2023 – Functional Skills Exams

Spring Term

9-18 January 2024 – Art Mock Exams

11-15 March 2024 – Functional Skills Exams

18-22 March 2024 – Year 11 Mock Exams

Summer Term

9th May – 19th June 2024 – GSCE Examinations.

Useful Revision Websites

Learning Resources for All Subjects – BBC Bitesize:

Learning Resources for English Language – BBC Bitesize AQA English Language

Learning Resources for Mathematics Students –


Maths Genie


Learning Resources for Science Students –

Edexcel GCSE Biology Paper revision 2 can be accessed on

Access the whole of paper 2 summary on

Ecosystems and Material cycle Whole topic summary

In Class Mock Exams 6-10 November 2023

A message from your science teacher
To aid with your revision for the in-class test mock exam, you will be completeing Paper 2.  Please refer to the exam style questions handout, issued for your homework.  I would also highly recommend the free websites above for general revision. You will find videos, short quizzes etc to assist in your general revision and preparation. Note down any questions you have and we will go through them in class. Good luck & best wishes with your revisison

A message from your mathematics teacher
As a passionate Math’s teacher, I want young people to grow the love of learning Math’s and my recommendations are repetition, apply and extend. Repetition will help the brain learn new methods; apply will help put your learning into practical questions and extend will help you think deeper about Math’s. All the best with your revision

A message from your English Language teacher

I want all students in English to develop a love of the language and a desire to read. My recommendations are for students to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. The more you read the wider your vocabulary becomes and the more your writing improves.