The Respect Agenda


Respect for yourself
• Dress appropriately for work; be smart and comfortable
• Be confident and proud of yourself, don’t put yourself down.
• Try your best and take advantage of all the opportunities offered.
• Be honest when you make a mistake and try to make amends
• Behave well and make a positive impression

Respect for others
• Treat others as you would like to be treated
• Respect the belongings, cultures, religion and views of others
• Listen to everyone and don’t distract or disturb them in class.
• Be friendly; don’t put people down either verbally or physically. Everyone has a right to feel safe and happy.

Respect for learning
• Do your best, don’t waste time and make the most of every opportunity
• Arrive on time, ready to work: greater effort in gives better results out.
• Listen carefully to staff, follow instructions and take advice;
• Ask for help if you need it. Push yourself and rise to the challenge.

Respect for the environment
• Take pride in our Centre; don’t litter or graffiti: we all share the space.
• Treat all equipment, buildings and displays with care; it is for everyone
• Leave the environment as you would like to find it