Student Work and Activities

Student Work and Activities

Welcome to the ACE website and (please click below) our new ACE Achiever newsletter.  We hope this provides an interesting read and allows us to share with you what is going on in ACE, our plans for moving ahead and to share the many successes stories from our students and staff.

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How to log on to your online learning accounts 

How to Log in to your online learning accounts


Royal Observatory at Greenwich

Free online learning resources to explore Space, the planets, stars and mysteries of the universe.

Royal Observatory at Greenwich. Exploring space from home


An Interview with Jermaine from Directional: A message for the students of ACE

Podcast of a conversation with Jermaine from Directional

Please find below various work and links to online learning that students can use whilst ACE is closed and students are working from home.  This will be updated regularly.

Students have been given the usernames and passwords they need to access online Google Classroom resources.  In addition, students have been given packs of work to take home from most subjects and further packs will be supplied.  The links to school work will be updated depending on the length of time we might be required to close.  Information will be shared via the website, our Facebook page and via direct texts.

ACE coaching staff will contact you weekly to conduct a welfare check and answer any questions as best as we are able too.


Links to Online Work Activities

Accessing BBC and Oak Academy resources:  Parent / Student Guide

Math’s & English work

English KS3 Ways with words Step1

English KS3 Ways with Texts Step2

English KS3 Ways With Words Step 3

Literacy-Resource-Links.  Useful links to websites, articles and quizzes

History PSHE Careers




KS4 Yr 10 Online Careers Kudos Work

Learning Resources from ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoo

Free access to register for subject careers guides

Careers Hub Luton_ Learning at Home Resources (1)

ACE Sudoku Careers Competition 1Parent Guide.