Student Dress Code

At ACE we adopt a more college or workplace like approach to how we run the Centre and therefore whilst we don’t have a traditional school uniform, we do have a Dress Code that we expect students to stick to and thank parents for supporting.

Our dress code for everyone is summed up as Smart, Casual and Appropriate. 

Students should be dressed in manner that is comfortable and weather appropriate but remembering that this is a place of work, that we have frequent visitors to the site and students in their appearance and behaviour, both at ACE and when travelling to and from ACE are representatives of ACE and have a duty to help us keep our strong, positive reputation.

ACE is a place of work we expect students to be dressed appropriately. A few specific issues that we would ask for your support with are:

  • Shorts / Skirts / Dresses should be close to knee length and smart and casual
  • T shirts should be plain and have no inappropriate wording, symbols or logo’s
  • No crop tops / strapless tops / anything too revealing or low / high cut
  • No transparent or ‘cut away’ tops or low riding jeans (underwear should not be visible).
  • Jewellery and make-up should be minimal and understated
  • Trainers and shoes are allowed but no flip flops, sliders or work style boots (e.g. steel toe capped – safety issues)
  • Coats should be removed when in lessons and hoods taken down


When students are working on more practical activities, and / or taking part in sports or involved with off-site trips and learning, then it is likely that a different dress code is more appropriate and we would always give students guidance accordingly.

  • For sport activities students need trainers, shorts or joggers and a change of t-shirt / top and deodorant
  • For gardening activities, old shoes and clothes that can get dirty and a change of clothes for when they get hot and sweaty
  • For ZSL Whipsnade activities; old clothes that can get dirty, waterproofs / coats as appropriate for the weather conditions as the day is mainly outside .
  • For careers visits and trips, smart casual clothes to give a good impression
  • Days at provision: students will be advised what they need to wear


If students arrive at school and are felt to be unsuitably dressed, parents will be contacted and asked to bring alternative clothing into school and / or alternative clothing (large baggy t shirts, jogging bottoms) will be provided for the day.  If students refuse to wear these then they will be taught separate from other students for the remainder of the day or, if this leads to disruptive behaviour, be sent home.