Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy


All students at ACE have experienced personal barriers to successful engagement with mainstream educational provision.

For all students referred to ACE, we ask the referring school about any SEND identifications or support measures and transfer these across to ACE.

For students with no identified SEND needs, we carry out out own assessments via PACE and supplement these with external advice if required.

Students with identified needs have a personal Individual Learning Plan which is shared with all delivery staff, schools, provisions, parents and the student themselves, and this is kept updated.  All students come under the work of the Pupil Progress Team and they may identify students that require additional specialist assessments, intervention work from Educational Psychology or where appropriate, a formal EHC application.


The SEND provision at ACE is overseen by

Zobia Bukhari:  SEND Strategies Lead  (zobia.bukhari@avenuecentre.co.uk)

Simon Jump:  SENDCo  (deputy@avenuecentre.co.uk)


At ACE we believe that all students have an equal right to high quality provision, tailored to their specific circumstances, needs and interests which is focused on successful transition to their next stage of education, employment or training.  Student’s entitlement to a secure, focused and relevant educational provision is irrespective of any learning, behaviour and / or disability needs or challenges.

We have a number of key policies, which are updated annually in consultation with advice from the appropriate Luton Borough Council partner services, that inform our day to day practice.  These policies aim to:

  • Introduce the approach we take to assessing students’ needs and interests when creating a individualised educational provision package
  • Set out how we support and make provision for pupils with special educational needs and / or disability needs (SEND), including those with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Outline the roles and responsibilities of staff working within and for ACE in supporting all students.
  • Outline our processes for tracking, reporting and evaluating students’ progress to ensure the best possible outcomes for all

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ACE SEND Policy 2022 – 23