ACE School Day


School Day

The school day has been planned to ensure that ACE and our students remain focussed on making sure that every minute a student attends ACE, we are having the maximum possible positive impact.

Coach Time

Students will start each day in a small coaching group (2 staff and 4 or 5 students) and follow an organised program of activity focusing on developing life skills, general knowledge, reading and self-organisation and self-regulation.  This session is to enhance the opportunities ACE provides for personal development and ensure that students are getting the right combination of academic, reading, personal and careers related support in order to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

Enrichment Activity

The Enrichment sessions are not part of the academic curriculum, but are an opportunity for students to develop personal, social and life skills by working together, learning new skills, trying new things and exploring and developing their interests and ideas.

However, the academic curriculum is always the core of what ACE, as a school does and so students who have not made enough effort in their lessons, through poor personal behaviour choices, may lose their enrichment session for that day in order to catch up with work that has been missed.