Provider Access Statement


Employability and Vocational Skills Team

Including LBC 16×16 program.

SLT Link.                         Simon Jump          

CEIAG Advisor.               Vicky McGowan    

Employability Lead        Louise Early           

Employability Lead        Stephanie Partington


Access to ACE Students

ACE is a part time secondary age range pupil referral provision with all students following individualised programs and therefore it is not possible to bring all students or an entire year group cohort together at the same time.  There are daily meetings of all students present that day and timetable flexibility means that students with particular interests / focuses can be identified and brought together with sufficient notice.

For groups interested in talking to ACE students, the best approach is to contact 

Simon Jump                 Deputy Head       

In order to discuss the nature of the work / presentation / information that you wish to present.  We can then work with you to identify the most relevant and appropriate group of students to meet with and how this can best be organised and facilitated.

ACE welcomes the opportunity to make enhanced links and ongoing relationships with local colleges, employers and training organisations so that we can better inform our students as to the post 16 options that exist and work with you to help better prepare our students for successful transition into the education, employment and training.

We welcome any enquiries for organisations that are interested in exploring links with ACE staff and students in order to help us better prepare  students for the world of work.