Phones and social media

At ACE we adopt a more college or workplace like approach to how we run the Centre and therefore the rules and expectations we have are those that students will come across at any college, training provider or job.  By keeping to the expectations of ACE, students are showing that they are ready for a return to school or a move onto training and employment.

ACE is a place of work and students need to be ready to engage and focus on their learning and ensure that they are adding positively to the safety, peacefulness and focus of the community.  We all have a responsibility to not distract others and to not be distracted by others.  As with any workplace, as far as possible, outside life should remain outside.

Mobile phones and social media are a reality of day to day life and have many positive benefits but they are also a major source of distraction and learning how and when it is appropriate to use them and when they should be turned off and ignored is now a basic life skill.

We work with students to explore their use of social media, to look at the advantages and disadvantages of an increasingly online lifestyle and how to keep themselves safe online by being careful over what information they choose to share.

Parent help sheet – social media


The approach at ACE is summed up as ‘Responsible Use’.

  • Students are encouraged to hand in their phones when they arrive at ACE and collect them again before they go home, and secure storage is available for this
  • Students can choose to carry their mobile phones but they must be kept out of sight and silent during lesson times.
  • Student are encouraged to hand in their phone at the start of each lesson in order to remove the temptation of being distracted.
  • If a phone is seen or heard during a lesson, the student will need to hand it in for the remainder of the lesson and this will be noted / their coach informed
  • If a student refuses to hand in their phone then parents will be contacted and the student will be taught in isolation and / or sent home if they are becoming disruptive


Being allowed your phone is a privilege and must be earnt, and will be withdrawn if it is being misused and is distracting the student or others from focusing on their learning

  • Students can use phones during breaks for games and listening to appropriate (non-offensive) music but not for calls or inappropriate use of social media
  • Students must not use phones to take pictures, record video or sounds (unless allowed by staff as part of a specific activity)
  • Students cannot use social media on their phones / devices whilst at ACE
  • Staff will monitor students use of phones to ensure that they are being used responsibly and appropriately (not bringing external issues into ACE)
  • Any member of staff can confiscate phones and personal items that are being misused.

For students for whom inappropriate use of mobile phone is becoming a real issue (they have picked up more than once incident per day they attend ACE), then we operate a three stage process;

Stage One.  Students can keep their phone with them but are given a reminder on arrival and across the day to keep their phone off and away during lessons

Stage Two.  Students have to hand in their phone on arrival and the team will keep the phones during lesson times, but students can have them back to use at break and lunchtime.  At the end of social times, phones have to be handed back in.

Stage Three.  Students are asked to keep their phones at home or hand them in on arrival and the phone is not returned until the end of the school day.

A student will need to complete Two weeks on a stage (scoring fewer incidents than the number of days they attend), before they move back down a stage again.