Mobile Phones and Social Media

ACE is a place of learning and students need to be ready to engage and focus on their learning and ensure that they are adding positively to the safety, peacefulness and focus of the community.  We all have a responsibility to not distract others and to not be distracted by others.  As with any school, as far as possible, outside life should remain outside.

Mobile phones and social media are a reality of day to day life and have many positive benefits but they are also a major source of distraction and learning how and when it is appropriate to use them and when they should be turned off and ignored is now a basic life skill.

We work with students to explore their use of social media, to look at the advantages and disadvantages of an increasingly online lifestyle and how to keep themselves safe online by being careful over what information they choose to share.

Parent help sheet – social media

The approach from 4th January 2023:

Mobile phones are banned from the ACE site and we encourage students to leave their mobile phone at home.

  • Students will hand in their mobile phones when they arrive at ACE and collect them again before they go home. Secure storage is available for this.
  • Any member of staff can confiscate mobile phones if they have not been handed in when a student arrives at ACE.
  • There will be sanctions in place for students who are found with phones or refuse to hand them in and ultimately this could include internal or external suspension.