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What do we offer?
Well, we’d like you to think about it like any other local service. Your library. Your community centre. Even your local supermarket.

OK, we don’t sell baked beans. But we do offer the best expert advice and information around tech and digital. All to help you, and your family, feel a little more confident going online everyday.

You can:

  • Watch live parent events to build digital skills and media literacy
  • Read parent guides to feel more confident about family online spaces
  • Try games and activities with your child
  • And much more.

This May Help Website: Advice for Supporting your Child’s Mental 

This is a NHS funded website. aimed at parents with practical advice and resources for supporting your Childs mental health and wellbeing.

To access follow this link:     This May Help Website

Current topics areas with advice, guidance and resources include:

  • Supporting Mental Health
  • Supporting someone who self harms
  • How to moderate your child’s video and online gaming
  • How to establish trust and boundaries with a teenager
  • What to do if you think your child has an eating disorder
  • How to support a child that doesn’t want to go to school

This May Help has been created to support parents and carers with concerns about their child’s mental health.

The subjects covered on this website have been chosen by families and young people who have gone through their own mental health challenges. What helped them may also help you.

The films offer advice across six main subject areas, with ten additional films offering supporting information. The films can be viewed in any order at any time.

Each film has a dedicated page where you’ll also find helpful advice and links to other resources. The text for each subject is available from the downloads page



Please click the link below to access the current Families Wellbeing Brochure which details a number of free workshops, support groups and web sites that parents can access for support when working with children experiencing emotional and / or mental health challenges.

CHUMS Family Wellbeing Team Brochure


Autism Support

Parent Padlet link:

We have a Padlet for young people which you can share with family, or look through and send over specific parts that you think would be helpful:

School Refusing / Anxiety around attending

The team have also been pulling together some info and resources for EBSNA:

Beds Police Pegasus Scheme

Our Pegasus scheme is for people who find it hard to communicate with us – we keep your pre-registered information safe on our computer and we can access it quickly if you call us. You don’t need to repeat all your details.

Who can register?

  • Anyone who has a disability or illness that may make it hard to communicate with the police in an emergency or difficult situation.
  • Registration is free.

Pegasus Scheme:

Finding it hard to sleep

PDA Society: They have a resource for sleep which might be worth taking a look at.