Free School Meals

As part of the package that ACE provides, we provide a choice of hot and cold lunchtime meals to all students who attend ACE however it is important that if you are eligible for Free School Meals, you still apply as this way not only can ACE gain extra funding, but we can also make sure that your child is considered for any additional holiday funding and pass this information on when they leave ACE and school meals are no longer automatically provided.

If you believe that are eligible for free school meals  then please apply online direct to Luton Council using the link below:

Click here to apply for Free School Meals

One application will cover all your children at any Luton school and a full list of the criteria needed to qualify and the time it takes for an application to be considered are explained on the website.

If you need support in making an application then please contact ACE (01258 748800 or email and a member of the Pupil Progress Team can provide help.