Curriculum Intent Statement


ACE seeks to support students in re-engaging with education, addressing barriers to personal growth and supporting students with successful transition into the next stage of their learning. Every student is an individual but has an equal right to a high quality and holistic package that supports their strengths, interests and aspirations and allows all students to achieve their best.


Curriculum Intent
For all students at ACE, the curriculum seeks to support interests and ambitions, to maximise the opportunities for progress and success and to provide a broad and enriched experience of academic, vocational and personal learning that supports all students on their plausible route to adulthood.
For students on a Route Mainstream pathway, the curriculum seeks to support successful and sustained re-integration into mainstream schooling.
For students on a Route 19 Pathway, the curriculum seeks to provide core academic qualifications, relevant life skills and work skills accreditations and identify and support onward transition into further education, employment or training post Year 11.


Curriculum Implementation
All students undertake a personalised assessment and induction program and follow an individualised curriculum package which utilises time at the PRU, time at alternative provisions, time at school and specialist commissioned interventions as appropriate and relevant.
Students are allocated individual coaches to oversee their personal journeys and are supported by a wider Pupil Progress Team that ensures all students have what they need (multi agency wide) to maximise their opportunities for success against their personal targets and aspirations.
The curriculum is delivered by experienced staff and supported by specialist teams focused on Teaching and Learning, Behaviour and Welfare, Safeguarding and Careers and Work Skills.


Curriculum Impact
Students’ progress is measured daily, with weekly and half termly reviews shared with home, schools and relevant professionals. Required adaptions to timetables, additional interventions or access to specialist services can be made on a weekly basis to ensure that student’s curriculum package (academic, social and behavioural) remains relevant, appropriate and targeted.