Coaching / Student Care


When students are first referred to ACE, they start at the part time PACE provision and the member of staff who holds the first meeting with the student and parents, will be the initial coach and point of contact between ACE and home.

When students move up to ACE, they will be allocated an individual Coach to be their key worker and the main point of contact between the student, Parent / Carers and ACE. We recognise that all student’s come to ACE with their own issues, needs and areas for development and the coach is there to provide support and guidance and encouragement to the student in order to ensure that they get the best possible experience of and outcome from their time at ACE.

The coach will liaise between ACE and School / Provision to ensure that work is jointly planned and that everyone is working towards the same goals and where appropriate will attend meetings and work alongside other professionals to ensure that the students’ needs and aspirations are kept central to all conversations and planning.

The coach takes the lead role in maintaining contact with parents and would usually be the first port of call. A weekly coach report is sent home outlining the students week and pastoral calls, especially to celbrate success are made so that ACe anbd home can work closely together. Where there might be issues outside of school that are likely to affect the student’s behaviour or concentration in ACE or provision, it is always helpful if parents do contact us and make us aware so we can plan accordingly.

The coach will touch base at the start and end of each with their students, to check on how things are going, to talk through any changes to their timetable and to review any issues that have occurred and how things can be best put back on track. The Coach keeps an overview of each child’s overall experience and performance at ACE and working with the pupil progress team, can keep under review their curriculum, any required interventions or support they need  and most importantly, can recognise, reward and celebrate their successes.

Students are encouraged to value this relationship as the main way to ensure that we can take their views, ideas and wishes into account amf therefroe it is important that students arrive on time each day so they are present for the coaching sessions which set up the day.