Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance


Careers education and guidance is central to helping students make informed choices now that will best prepare them for life in the future.  Whether students are considering their GCSE options or planning their post Year 11 destination, it is important that students are aware of the opportunities and options that exist and have support to reflect on which best suit their personal needs, interests and aspirations.

Careers at ACE are overseen by our lead Careers Team, including a qualified specialist Careers Adviser . The team work through timetabled lessons for Key-stage 4 students and by referral for Key-stage 3 students, providing direct lesson input, organising trips and visits from local colleges, employers and training providers and through curriculum initiatives that include a careers awareness aspect ie Zoo Academy, Fire Cadets, Mentoring with University of Bedfordshire and attending events organised via Barnfield, Central Beds, Oakland Colleges and Luton Sixth Form.

For students on the Route Mainstream Pathway, CEIAG input seeks to support the school based provision and is targeted towards advice and guidance in selecting appropriate options, accreditation choices and the identification of post 16 options.

For students on the route 19 pathway, on roll of and attending ACE and Alternate Provisions, CEIAG input is both more detailed and more bespoke and supports students in identifying, securing and transitioning to their identified post 16 destinations and on into their chosen vocational work area.  The use of alternative provision allows ACE to access a broader range of qualifications and a number of specialist vocationally targeted courses in order to best meet students next stage aspirations.

All students at ACE, throughout their curriculum package are working towards the development of key employability and work related learning skills and are offered work related enrichment opportunities and experiences both via timetabled provisions and through access to a rolling program of interventions, visits and trips.  All students have access to a specialist Careers Advisor who works in ACE one day a week

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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance 2022 – 2023