ACE Safeguarding

Safeguarding is the prime concern of all staff members and is central to all the work we do across ACE.  ACE has an experienced team of appropriately trained safeguarding links who oversee safeguarding concerns from across the PRU and the Alternative Provisions.  All staff receive ongoing training every half term and Safeguarding is a standing item at all ALT, Pupil Progress and Staff team meetings.

Our current Safeguarding Policy can be found by following the link below

ACE Safeguarding Policy 2020-21 plus Covid response

With the move to Online and Home based Schooling as a result of the Covid infection, the document below outlines the ACE approach to safeguarding in these circumstance.

ACE Addendum COVID-19 January 2021


A large part of our Safeguarding work is now around the area of online and E-Safety work.

At ACE, our IT network and use of machines is monitored by staff, and appropriate software filters are in place to restrict inappropriate internet searches and downloads.

Students have individual password protected accounts and students, on login, are made aware that accounts can be monitored, can be tracked and that appropriate use policies apply

As per our mobile phone policy, students can use them in lessons under staff direction, otherwise they should remain off.  We do not allow students to join their phones to the ACE wifi and encourage students (both in lessons and out) to follow appropriate use protocol’s when using their phones online.  Students are not allowed to access social media whilst onsite.

We are also very clear with students that our bullying policies cover all social media sites and apps, and cyber bullying, threats / harrassment via text apps and inappropriate pictures (sexting) are all not allowed and the fact they occur virtually and / or outside of ACE hours does not make any difference to the seriousness with which we will deal with these matters.

Safeguarding Resources

The links below provide some advice and guidance as to E-Safety and social media

A guide to safeguarding on the main social media apps…/parents-and-carers

Parent guides to specific apps and devices.

Parent and Student Guides to E-Safety