ACE Summer 2020 Exams Results

ACE Summer 2020 Exams.

In what was a highly unusual set of circumstances both locally and nationally, the ACE Exams staff managed to come through the Exams season and results day more or less intact and I am delighted to say that ACE / ALPS students left with the grades they had been predicted and have moved on to their chosen placements and courses.

Exams obviously did not take place and instead there was mammoth operation to get in teacher assessed marks, for all students, all subjects and from our partner provisions. A huge thank you to everyone who had to turn these around with only a few days’ notice and our ALPS colleagues for their help: it went surprisingly well.

Due to the priority given nationally to processing A Level and GCSE results on time, a number of other courses had their results delayed to late August, September and in the case of BTEC Food, it will be next month before confirmed results are received back from the exam boards.
We have provided student outcome grades directly to the appropriate college course leaders / training providers and in those cases where grades are still outstanding or appeals have been made, we will continue to liaise directly with them to ensure students are not disadvantaged.

ACE is also making use of the additional funding provided by the DFE to support Year 11 transition and all our summer leavers have attached workers who kept in touch with them throughout the summer break and are continuing to offer support, advice and guidance for the rest of the autumn term.
Despite the unprecedented times, our students have shown remarkable resilience and determination, they engaged throughout the lockdown period, have engaged across the summer and have now all moved on to their chosen next steps destinations.

Well done to our ACE and ALPS students, and those sitting exams via our partner Alternate Providers. We will keep in touch and look forward to hearing about your ongoing successes.