ACE Home Learning

The last year has required all schools, ACE included to move a large part of our work into online learning.  Having now invested a lot of time, money and effort into getting this up and running, we will continue to use home learning for those students for whom it is a positive and helpful development.

All students have been given an ACE login and an ACE email and you can use these to login to your Google Classroom accounts and to attend your live ACE Zoom lessons and to email any staff that you need to get into contact with whether it is for work, personal support or just to chat and stay in touch.


Where we feel a student may benefit from an element of home learning (for example due to having to isolate, or as a part of a bespoke package of provision), we will discuss this with the student and with parent / carers.  A timetable will be produced and sent home, including all the necessary log in details and work will be set and marked by the Teaching and Learning team, as with all other lessons.

The ACE Home Link team will also make weekly contact with you, as will your coach in order to check that everything is ok and to keep an eye on your work and your subject teachers will mark and give feedback on your work as you finish it and send it back.


If you are struggling with working online from home, or are having problems with getting online because you have no laptop or keep running out of data, then please do let us know as we can help.

  • we have number of Chromebooks and data dongles that we can lend to you during the shutdown
  • we can reset your passwords and re-send you instructions for how to get into your google classroom and zoom lesson accounts
  • we can offer some of you the opportunity to spend one or two days a week back at ACE getting face to face teaching
  • We can offer some face to face teaching at our alternative provider partners (even if you are not normally attending any)
  • we can arrange for online mentoring, counselling and pastoral support sessions to help talk through any worries or anxieties you might have


Please check your emails at least once a day and keep an eye on our website too as all the latest news and opportunities will go on here and on to our ACE Facebook account.

And please do feel free to contact us as well.  We are all still here to help and support you anyway we can and you can email staff direct, leave voice mail message on the main ACE reception number (01582 748800) or your parents can text / email us via the ACE messaging service.

We hope that online learning can be another part of the range of services we provide at ACE to do our best to ensure that every students gets the learning package and the learning opportunities they need in order to achieve their very best.