Home Learning

The Covid pandemic meant ACE, along with all schools, moved a significant part of our work into the world of Home Learning and online learning.

Whilst we recognise that in person, face to face learning is invariably the best option, post pandemic, we are keeping the capacity to provide Home and Online learning as an option, for specific students, for a specific period of time if this is agreed to be appropriate.

Where we feel a student may benefit from an element of home learning (for example due to having to isolate, or as a part of a bespoke package of provision), we will discuss this with the student and with parent / carers.  A timetable will be produced and sent home, including all the necessary log in details and work will be set and marked by the Teaching and Learning team, as with all other lessons.

The ACE Home Link team will also make weekly contact with you, as will your coach in order to check that everything is ok and to keep an eye on your work and your subject teachers will mark and give feedback on your work as you finish it and send it back.

As part of this process all students are given an ACE login and an ACE email which can be used to login in to Google Classroom accounts and to attend live ACE Zoom lessons.

The emails are also for students to use to contact staff, to use for applications and fror any other educational purpose.