Route 19 Staffing

For 2016-17, the following staff form the core team working within ACE Route 19 concentrating on the full time provision offered at Key-stage 4.

Simon Jump Deputy Head of ACE
Nazia Ahmed Maths
Alan Hope English
Nicky Stewart Science
Dee Connolly History / Leisure and Tourism
Louise Early ICT / Activities Co-ordinator
Terry Phinn Art
Kim Head PSHE
Prabha Lotay Personal Learning Advisor
(Careers / vocational)
Lorraine Norvill Lead Behaviour Support Assistant
(BSA) / BTEC Food
Pearl Blakey BSA / Pupil Progress
Jan Robinson BSA / Creative Arts and Displays
Yazreen Khan BSA Enrichment Activities (female students)
Billy Brown BSA / Sports and Activities
Jenny Jones BSA / Multi cultural enrichement / Route 19 iniative
Siobhan Mehaffy Office Administrator / Finance / Exams Secretary

Within ACE@The Hub there is a wider team of additional teacher, instructors, support assistants and other professionals who all work together to provide a full range of academic, social, behavioural and life skills support to all students.

Additional expertise is accessed where appropriate on a case by case basis.