Route 19 Rewards and Sanctions

The over-riding principle of the reward scheme is to recognise and encourage appropriate behaviour and academic success. Students are encouraged to work towards their targets, reflect on their behaviours and develop the strategies and understanding they need to make positive choices in the future.


Students are marked on a range of 0 to 5 for behaviour and 0 to 5 for effort after each lesson. The marks are awarded as follows:

5. exceptional lesson, behaviour/effort out of the ordinary
4. good lesson, student worked hard throughout and behaved well.
3. satisfactory work and behaviour, no cause for concern.
2. unsatisfactory, student may have had to be reminded about behaviour or was not on task for enough of the time for the lesson to be satisfactory.
1. poor lesson. Student not on task and disruptive to others.
0. unacceptable, no effort to complete tasks or serious unacceptable behaviour.

If students are marked below a 3 the reason for such a low mark should be entered on the back of the record sheet. If a serious incident sheet has been completed a reference to that sheet should be made.

Bonus points can be awarded for extra-ordinary work, focus, effort or behaviour and should be entered in the appropriate box with some comment. Total points can be converted each term into The Mall shopping vouchers.


Sometimes it may be necessary to deduct points from students who are behaving unreasonably and in defiance of repeated requests to comply with acceptable behaviour or who have committed serious breaches of the school’s code of conduct. This might be such things as abusing staff, smoking or using a telephone during lesson time after being warned.

Points being deducted can be in addition to other sanctions such as confiscation of property, being removed from lessons and ultimately, being excluded. As a staff we believe that reward is more motivating than sanction and endeavour to work with students in helping them to reflect, understand, accept responsibility and move forward.