ACE Rewards

At ACE we run a extensive reward and recognition programme for all pupils.

The rewards relate to both work and behaviour whilst at ACE, and can include progress at school for pupils who attend part time.

The two main ways pupils can benefit are via the ACE bank and through reward activities.

The following are an overview of how all this works:

Daily Behaviour Targets

Every day staff hold a debrief meeting where all pupils are reviewed on their day and given a score of ‘No
concerns’ (1) ‘Some concerns’ (2) or ’Serious
concerns’ (3) for each of the following behaviour targets:

Behaviour on transport
Disrupting the learning of others
Working and relating to other pupils
Respect to staff
Following staff instructions
Punctuality to lessons
Settling down to work
Concentration span
Not disruptive through leaving seat
Using appropriate language
Following centre rules
Staying on task
Break times
Safety and well being

These scores are then averaged out at the end of the week and converted into money (vouchers) for the pupil’s bank. These scores are also sent home in a report each Friday.

The card system

ACE has a code of conduct which all pupils are expected to follow whilst they are in the centre and while on off site activities.

Inappropriate behaviour is classed in three levels:

Yellow (one penalty point)
Orange (three penalty points)
Red (ten penalty points)

If a pupil breaks these codes they will be given a card, and the level of this card will depend on the rule they have broken.

Each pupil has an individual limited number of penalty points depending on how often they attend, usually 2 per day.

Any pupil who exceeds this limit will not have the money they have earned that week deposited into their bank. If they are under the limit they will get their money.Merits

Pupils are given a personalised merit sheet each week which they must take to all of their lessons for their teachers to fill in. Merits are awarded according to:


· Respect,
· Effort,
· Achievement and
· CHoices.

Two extra merits can also be awarded per lesson. These merits are then added up at the end of the week and put in their merit bank, when 100 merits are earned it is converted to £1. Pupils are given Mall vouchers at the end of each half term.

On Track Targets

Each half term pupils are set individual work related
targets in each of their subjects – if they achieve them all they are eligible for the end of term trip.

This is a great way for pupils to be rewarded for their academic achievements whilst at ACE. Activities include Go – Karting, Theme Parks, camping trips and going out for a meal.