Pupils Thoughts

Many pupils have benefited from ACE’s support over the last few of years. Here are some thoughts in their own words….

At ACE the teachers actually treat you like a person, not a kid. At ACE your opinion counts no matter what it is. People think that ACE is for naughty kids but most are really friendly. ACE helped me get back into the school that I wanted to go to. In school I have met more friends from my area. I am learning more and this makes me more confident.

I liked ACE a lot. The staff understood me and treated me with respect. ACE helped me get back into school. At first I still went to ACE for one day a week and this was good because it gave me a break from school every day. When I left my first school I didn’t think I would ever get back but ACE helped me by finding me another school. At my new school I have been made a prefect. I do corridor duty and try to be a role model for the younger kids. I still miss my friends from my old school but I get more respect from the teachers at my new school and I am definitely learning more.

At first I thought ACE was a place where I could hide away from school and get money. However, I soon realised it was more than that. ACE helped me realise that I should have behaved from the start of high school and should not have been rude to staff. The staff helped me see that school is the best place for me to be because it’s a better environment, I have more friends and I learn more. At ACE I got to know teachers as the person they are, not as a teacher. I realised teachers are people who don’t deserve to get hurt by comments from kids they are trying to help. When I went back into school I still went to ACE for three days and Greer from ACE came into school to help me in my English lessons. I realised that I had missed a lot of work and that I needed to work hard to improve my grades. My time at school increased and my self-esteem grew and I decided I was not going back to the ‘old’ me. I am now very happy.