Route 19 Pastoral System

When students join ACE Route 19 they are allocated to one of three pastoral teams and the assigned staff in each group then becomes the key worker for those students.

Students allocated to the Centre have problematic issues in many areas of their lives, not just in the area of academic performance. The Key Worker acts as a buffer between these issues and the students' progress, whilst still providing a point of reference for evaluating progress and monitoring behaviour against agreed targets and the Centre's general code of behaviour.

The role of the key worker is central and is to support the student with their personal, social and emotional development and provide a key person that the student can always talk too.

The key worker takes the lead role in maintaining contact with parents and would usually be the first port of call. Parents are contacted at least fortnightly, and where appropriate more often and the student’s successes and issues are shared so that home and school can work together. Where there might be issues at home that are likely to affect the student’s behaviour / concentration etc in school, it is always helpful if parents do contact us and make us aware.

The pastoral system is the key mechanism by which we seek to monitor and track students’ social, emotional and behavioural progress and work with students in helping them to address any barriers to learning. As part of this process students have a daily pastoral session, part of which involves reviewing and agreeing weekly targets to be monitored across all lessons. General issues around personal wellbeing, life skills, careers ambitions and moral development are also covered.

Key Workers also play an important role during the ‘Breakfast Club’ time when they greet students, judge their mood for that day and interact in such a way to get the student ready for the start of lessons. Where necessary, the key-worker will take the student aside during the course of the day, or meet up with them at break / lunchtime and ensure that things are going well or discuss /agree what can be done to put things right. Where appropriate a key-worker can advocate for the student and ensure that their views / concerns / anxieties are heard and taken into account.

The Key worker will feed any concerns into the weekly meeting of the Pupil Progress Team for discussion and suggested ways forward and the minutes of these meetings are distributed to all key workers so that they can act on the advice give, are aware of decisions made and can work with their respective students in helping to overcome any barriers to ongoing success.