ACE Mission Statement: Every Child’s Progress Matters

  • Pupil Progress is at the heart of all our work
  • We will focus on ensuring that progress is accelerated and gaps are narrowed
  • Our mission is supported by our focus on personalised learning programmes
  • We will work with all pupils to help them rebuild their trust in education
  • Every pupil at ACE will feel included not excluded
  • We will work to ensure that we maximise the learning and development opportunity that every pupil has at ACE
  • We will ensure that progress, overtime, is made in achievement, behaviour & well-being
  • We will expect to see pupils become secure so that they start to take risks in their learning
  • Pupil Progress management will ensure that the right team supports every child
  • Recognition and reward supports a learning environment which focuses on success
  • We will expect all pupils to make progress irrespective of background or circumstance
  • We will inspire pupil’s to develop their aspirations as they focus on an increasingly plausible route to adulthood
  • We will ensure that all interventions are focused to ensure impact and positive outcomes
  • We will support onward transition to ensure progress is sustained and pupils are supported
  • We will always work with “the next stage” firmly in mind
Mr C Day, Head Teacher