Route 19 Introduction

The Avenue Centre Route 19 team has an outstanding success rate, with all students achieving broad academic and exam success and going on to college or work-based training. Students grow and develop as individuals, are re-engaged in the process of learning and self-improvement and are increasingly ready to deal with the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of adult life.

In successive Ofsted Inspections (2006, 2009, 2014) ACE has been judged as Outstanding with our most recent report stating “Outstanding teaching and support for behavioural, emotional, social difficulties and physical well-being ensures that students fully re-engage with education and make excellent progress . . . ACE succeeds in changing the lives of students who have faced many severe and complex difficulties.” (Ofsted 2014)

The Avenue Centre Route 19 represents a fresh start and a chance for students to put behind them the problems they may have experienced in mainstream school. Students remain with us for the last two years of compulsory education and we focus on supporting students in developing the skills and attributes they will need to succeed in college or work based training at 16 plus and in preparing them as future citizens and adults for the challenges and opportunities of the adult world.

To achieve our aims we seek:
  • to provide a full time, quality, alternative, holistic educational experience within a caring and stimulating environment to support students in developing into young successful adults who can take their place in society and to be a centre where people work and move forward together.
  • to promote these aims, staff and students are encouraged to emphasise the right of all to work in a peaceful, positive environment where success and achievement in all forms is recognised and celebrated
  • to encourage students to celebrate success, work towards short and long-term achievements and to behave in a socially and morally acceptable manner, which shows respect for others and for oneself.
  • to ensure that the policies and procedures of the centre are developed with the creation of a positive ‘can do’ ethos in mind and that everything we do is informed by maximising the opportunities for progress and improvement for all.
In preparing students for onward transition into their adult life, the Centre provides a core academic curriculum that allows students to gain the qualifications necessary to ensure that the fullest possible range of opportunities are open to them. This is supported by a more vocational and life-skills based curriculum, aimed at developing the individual and recognising that our work is about the person as a whole; their needs, interests and ambitions. Surrounding everything, is a personal, relationship based pastoral system that responds to students as the individuals they are and tries to ensure each student is given the maximum support, encouragement and opportunity to succeed, develop and grow.