Route Mainstream Induction Process

A referral is received from the school and/or the Local Authority which includes a request for a specific programme at ACE. This could be a full time placement, a dual placement or outreach support.

Initial Interview – This involves the pupil and the parents/carers coming into ACE to discuss the nature of the centre, what to expect from us, what we expect from the pupil, to sign a contract and the type of provision that will be offered.

Assessments – These assessments last 2-3 weeks and involve the pupil carrying out various assessments, these are carried out in order for us to offer the appropriate level of education and will provide information to any future school or provision

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Afternoon Induction – When the pupil has completed the assessments they then come to ACE for two afternoons a week for 1:1 lessons, this is usually for 2-3 weeks depending on the pupil’s progress.

Timetable allocation – When the pupil has successfully settled into ACE they will be allocated their individual timetable depending on the provision they require, this can be extended or reduced dependent on the pupil’s progress.