HAM / PACE Process

Referral Received – Week 0

Hub Allocation Meeting – Week 1

  • Has the service requested been identified and intended outcomes made clear?
  • Has the Hub lead signed to verify parental permission given?
  • Does the evidence provided support the referral?
  • Does ACE have the capacity to offer the service?
  • Can it be provided from the Schools core allocation or require school to fund?

PACE – Week 1

  • Contact parents / student / school / provision to meet to discuss referral and the best way forward

PACE – Week 2

  • Student starts PACE (meet ACE staff, Teaching, Behaviour and Careers specialists)

PACE – Week 2-5 

  • Students take literacy, numeracy, learning, well-being, social skills assessments
  • Teaching / Behaviour leads identify key targets & Careers Leads identify long term aspirations and interests
  • Students and Coaches complete ACE Skills for Success forms to identify key target areas for development


HAM – Week 5 – PACE presents students back to HAM for confirmation of next steps and pathway plan

  • Pathway A. Provision at ACE and School (Route Mainstream)

Provision at ACE and vocational provision (Route 19)

  • Pathway B. More time required to consider / arrange a bespoke package
  • Pathway C. Allocated to fulltime ALPS organised vocational package


ACE – Week 6 – Student starts fulltime package, reviewed at least half termly