Exam Success!

This proved to be one of the more challenging Exam seasons for both ACE and our Year 11 students with the introduction of the new style GCSE’s in English and Maths, our first set of entries for GCSE Science and widespread changes to course contents, removal of projects and coursework and a change to the exam scoring system that saw the thresholds generally rise across all subjects.

Despite these challenges, it was also a record breaking exam season for the total number of students, subjects and entries being made through ACE @ The Hub and there were many extremely pleasing individual exam successes and the vast majority of students were able to achieve what they needed in order to move on with their planned destination pathways.

In a few individual cases, regrettably life circumstances impacted and students failed to sit or complete their exams with the obvious knock on effect in terms of their results. For these students, ACE worked with our strategic partners and fellow professional services and sought to rapidly action the specialist help and support that these students required and require in order to allow them to regain personal stability and re-engage with their educational and onward transition planning.
    ACE Headlines:
  • 100% of students sat and passed Functional Skills Literacy and Numeracy qualifications
  • Functional Skills English achieved 100% pass rate at Level 2, and Numeracy achieved 78% pass at Level 2 and 22% pass at Level 1
  • Within Functional Skills qualifications, 100% of students met or exceeded their personal targets
  • GCSE English had a 89% pass rate of which all bar 2 students met or exceed their personal target grades
  • GCSE Maths had a 78% pass rate and all bar three students met or exceeded their personal target grades
  • 78% of students sat GCSE Science (our first cohort for a number of years) and all passed  BTEC Food, CLaIT ICT and PSHE all achieved 100% pass rates on 78% of students being entered. All students met or exceeded their personal target grades
  • All Year 11 students and Plan A and Plan B destination pathways in place before they left ACE
  • As of October half term 2018, 78% of students were engaged in their chosen education / training route.
  • For the 2 students who had become NEET, they had been identified to and were being worked by the relevant support services and ACE continues to offer guidance and personalised support