Exam season 2019

On behalf of the staff of ACE, ALPS and our partner Alternative Providers, we would all like to congratulate our students on their many and varied exam results and wish them every success as they move on to the next stage of their education, employment or training.

The overwhelming majority (85%) met or exceeded their predicted results and for some individuals, by a significant margin.  Most importantly, all students got the results they needed to allow them to move on with their destination plans and as of the end of September, have made positive starts to the next steps courses and training.  It is heartening to see young adults engaged and on track to achieve their personal ambitions and aspirations and to know that the hard work that Students, Parents / Carers and staff put in, has been so worthwhile.

For the students of ACE and ALPS, their time with us has been one of profound change and at times personal challenge and as a team we are delighted to see the extent of the personal journeys the students have been on and to see them reach the end, better equipped, informed and prepared to enter the adult world.

Well done on your individual achievements and we wish you every success moving forward and hope that you will choose to keep in touch.

The ACE @ The Hub Exams Office Staff