Drugs Awareness – Edibles

Edibles Cannabinoids  

Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic people who supply illegal substances are becoming more creative in the methods in which they target young people. Nationally we’re seeing a rise in the sale of THC edibles. These are cannabis products which are made into food or drink products. Recently edibles designed to look like sweets have resulted in young people being hospitalised and we are aware that there seems to be a ready supply of these edible products in the Luton area.

Please see below information regarding THC edibles:

To support understanding around edibles, Change, Grow, Live have produced an online resource giving a detailed overview of edibles including:

  • What they are;
  • The effects and any potential risks;
  • Advice for keeping young people safe.

This resource also includes further professional’s guidance to support parents in having difficult conversations with young people around drugs.

This information can be found here:

Advice for young people about ‘edibles’

Information for professionals or parents talking to young people about drugs