Route Mainstream Curriculum

The Science curriculum at ACE covers a variety of subjects including the Solar System, Plate Tectonics, Electricity and Chemistry to name a few.
LifeSkills / PSHE
Within these lessons this term we are looking at neighbourhood and environment; this means that we’ll be looking at the positives and the negatives within the local area of Luton; this will include taking photos of positive and negative aspects of Luton. Within the PHSE lesson we will be looking at creative thinking, thinking outside the box and outside stereotypes. We often have visiting speakers to help enhance our learning
This term we have continued to develop football skills and have introduced cricket, fitness training and badminton which have proved to be very popular. We have PE four times a week with most pupils participating.
The curriculum is arranged around the individual needs of each student so that gaps in knowledge can be filled and misconceptions corrected.
This is a mixture of cookery, gardening and textiles. We make a variety of dishes, savoury, sweet and snack based.
This subject includes T Shirt design, murals, CAD, photography to name but a few.
D.T. / Practical
Pupils learn practical DT skills for future employment and for life: e.g. mixing cement, learning about ratios, laying slabs and using a mallet and spirit level.
D.T. / Model Engineering
Pupils choose a project such as model aircraft, motorbikes and cars and assemble and paint model figures.
U Choose
This is an ASDAN accredited award scheme where pupils complete practical challenges over 4 hours to achieve certificates. These activitites have included learning a musical instrument, fitness challenges, raising money and restoring furniture.