CEIAG Information

Summary of Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance

Employability and Vocational Skills Team: (including LBC 16x16 program)
CEIAG lead:Prabha Lotayprabha.lotay@avenuecentre.co.uk
Employability Lead: Louise Early louise.earley@avenuecentre.co.uk
Employability Lead: Stephanie Partington stephanie.partington@avenuecentre.co.uk

Summary of CEIAG Provision at ACE

The key objective and success criteria for ACE KS4 provision is to ensure that all students are able to maximise their academic and personal potential in order to ensure a successful reintroduction into and ongoing transition onto further education, employment or training.

To this end, all staff have a responsibility to work towards the ‘Plausible Routes to Adulthood’ (PRA) agenda; every moment of contact with a student is an opportunity to model, deliver and encourage the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students will need to be successful in the adult world or work, relationships and personal success.

CEIAG is delivered via 4 main strands:

1. a full time specialist careers advisor with protected working time / space / budget:
  • provide on demand one to one input for all KS4 students
  • support staff and students with CEIAG input across the curriculum
  • arrange / monitor students attending day release vocational provision
  • identify potential Work Related Learning (WRL) partners and organise trial initiatives and programmes
  • organise CEIAG and WRL related events, trips, visits, speakers

2. CEIAG as a cross curricular theme that all staff are held accountable for
  • subject reviews ask staff to identify and plan for CEIAG opportunities
  • SLT Learning walks include CEIAG and WRL as assessed themes
  • All staff expected to contribute to the Plausible Routes to Adulthood agenda
  • The LBC 16x16 program is being introduced across ACE and all staff are asked to find ways to incorporate into their curriculum and project workings

3. Wider enrichment programme must include CEIAG input / opportunities
  • All organised visits, trips and experiences seek to include WRL elements (police deliver a knife workshop but stay on to talk about their job role, what they like and enjoy, skills required etc.)
  • All staff working or volunteering at Ace are asked to contribute to the PRA agenda by sharing their own employment experiences
  • PE visits to sports centres; ask the centre staff to talk about their jobs etc.

4. Bespoke arrangements for individual students
  • Students attend vocational training / accreditation courseso
  • One off block or part time ongoing work experience / shadowing
  • Visits to providers, employers, colleges, taster sessions
  • Organised 6 week intervention programs
  • Whatever is needed (if possible)

Quality Assurance and Review

The lead team meet weekly to plan and review CEIAG related activities and to plan for the ongoing roll out of the 16x16 program. Regular meetings are held with the link SLT and a centre wide report is produced for the whole SLT team on a half termly basis. ACE is working with LBC colleagues to devise and trial appropriate recording, tracking and reporting tools for CEIAG provision, especially those students on the identified ‘Route 19 Pathway’ as part of the ongoing curriculum and provision developments within ACE. Work to strengthen the links between ACE and schools / providers, a growing work experience / employer engagement process, the addition of a business studies strand to the curriculum and the roll out of LBC’s 16x16 Employability program are examples of current initiative designed to further strengthen this aspect of ACE’s work.

A formal review of ACE’s current CEIAG provision and development plans will be held in summer term 2019. We are keen to involve parent / carers, students and local colleges and employers to be part of this review process in order to better inform our development plans moving forward.

For Parent / Carers

The following websites provides a useful starting point in supporting your child as they begin to make careers informed choices:
  • www.parentalguidance.org.uk. General advice for parents / carers
  • National Careers Service. www.nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/
  • (Free phone line 0800 100900 8am to 10pm 7 days a week or text ADVICE to 07766413219 for a free call back
  • Information on apprenticeship opportunities www.gov.uk/apprenticeships-guide
We would also encourage you to look at local college and training provider websites, to attend open days and taster sessions and begin to explore what the options are for post Year 11. ACE will pass on any information we receive about such events and other local / regional skills and employment fairs to parent / carers and even if we arrange our own visits, we would encourage families to also attend and look around.

Access to ACE students

ACE does not hold any school wide or Year group wide assemblies as schools would, but there are daily meetings with whichever students are in that day. This varies week to week as all students are on part time and individualised timetables. For groups interested in talking to ACE students, the best approach is to contact either:

  • Prabha Lotay CEIAG Lead Prabha.lotay@avenuecentre.co.uk
  • Simon Jump Deputy Head deputy@avenuecentre.co.uk
(Both can be reached via ACE switchboard, 01582 748800)

and to discuss the nature of the work / presentation / information that you wish to present. We can then work with you to identify the most relevant and appropriate group of students to meet with and how this can best be organised and facilitated. (At least 4 weeks’ notice would be required (preferably longer) as students timetables at ACE and at school / alternate providers will need to be adjusted so that all the students can be in at the same time on the same day and so that we can adequately brief your presentation staff to ensure that they have the information they need to tailor their work to our student’s needs)

ACE welcomes the opportunity to make enhanced links and ongoing relationships with local colleges, employers and training organisations so that we can better inform our students as to the post 16 options that exist and work with you to help better prepare our students for successful transition into the education, employment and training.